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Styling Tips | How to Choose Spring Outfits for Your Family

Styling Tips | How to Choose Spring Outfits for Your Family | Family Photography Team

Spring is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited for what we have planned! Choosing your outfits for your spring sessions can be stressful! It’s starts to warm up and everything starts to bloom! We want to take this opportunity to share some tips on how to choose spring outfits for your family so we can make preparing for your session EASY!

Styling Tips | How to Choose Spring Outfits for Your Family | Family Photography Team

Layers are so important when choosing your spring session outfits. We never know what the weather could be like so choosing layers will help you be best prepared for that! Click to read more tips for preparing your spring session on the Wisp + Willow Photography Co. blog.


Our first tip when it comes to planning for your spring session is plan for layers! We serve so many different cities but we all know how crazy weather has been lately! There’s not rhyme or rhythm to what’s happening, so planning layers is going to be a HUGE help! That way, when it’s time for your session, you have matching layers to go with your outfit in case it’s a little chilly and if it’s too warm, you’re prepared to not wear that sweater or those tights!


Color choices in spring are way different than color choices in the fall! Think pastel and bright for your spring session, neutral colors work too! Spring is all about BLOOMING! Pastel colors are absolutely perfect for spring! You can mix in navy’s and some neutrals in that mix too! Remember, we always suggest not having more than 2 people in the same color, but with pastels, that’s no hard task! There are so many stunning colors to choose from!


Did you choose your spring session location because of the flowers that will be blooming? Think about those colors when you’re picking your outfits! If I chose bluebonnets (because Texas, DUH) as my session location, I don’t want to wear lots of blues and purples! Sure, you can still use some of that color, but make sure you’re standing out from the bluebonnets! Same for anything else! Make sure when you’re choosing your outfits, you’re thinking about your surroundings!

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