The Effortless Experience | Our 6 Step Proven Process

Wisp + Willow Photography Co. started in March of 2021. We started as a team of associates in the DFW area but quickly moved to the Nashville area and then expanded to a couple more areas! All that to say, we were not prepared for our growth. When we were reflecting at the end of […]

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January 18, 2022

Wisp + Willow Photography Co. started in March of 2021. We started as a team of associates in the DFW area but quickly moved to the Nashville area and then expanded to a couple more areas! All that to say, we were not prepared for our growth. When we were reflecting at the end of 2021 we wanted to be more intentional in serving our clients with excellence. Our goal has always been to serve you guys with excellence but we came up with a 6 step process of how exactly we’re going to achieve that goal! I can’t wait to share the Effortless Experience with you all!

The Effortless Experience | Our 6 Step Proven Process

Booking Process

We know that booking a session with a photographer can be stressful. Trying to find a date and time that works for your family and trying to find a location you love. Whether you should go with a mini session or a full session, what to wear. We have a pretty open calendar because of the amount of associates we have on our team. We also have suggested locations for each area we serve in! We can help you find the PERFECT location for you. We will chat with you about what your expectations are for your session and help you decide whether a full session or mini session is best for your family!

Client Care

We want to be intentional with communication! We know that you may have questions leading up to the day of your session and we want to make sure you know we have tips and tricks to help you out! We have a Client Experience Guide we send in advance so you have ideas for your outfits and tips for the day of the session. With the Client Experience Guide, we send a Client Questionnaire that will help your associate know more about you, your family and anything we should know! The week before your session, we send out an email with your location details, including where to park, and your associate’s information so you can reach out to them with any questions you may have or any special details you’d like them to know. This opens a line of communication for you just in case you may get lost or have any emergency last minute things you may need!

Session Day

We have suggested locations for you to choose from because these are locations we know well and know where the money shots are! This eliminates the time it may take your associate to find a good shady spot for your session. Our associates arrive to the location 15 minutes early to be sure to grab a prime shooting spot, make sure you get to the right place on time! The day of your session, we are there for YOU! We want to make sure to capture memories of your family that you can cherish! We’ll can bring blankets for you to sit on, and are happy to incorporate ANY props you may have for your session. We will do whatever we can to get GENUINE smiles from everyone and have poses planned for you so your session day is smooth and effortless for you!

Expert Processing

Once your associate shoots your session, they send us all files within 24 hours. We take those files and cull through to get the best images from your session and send them off to an editor. We receive the edited images back in a week and start delivering your galleries. Our guarantee is that you’ll receive your fully edited digital images back within 2 weeks of your session OR IT’S FREE. YEP! You heard that right. We are confident in our process and we want to make sure we serve clients with excellence. If we don’t return your photos to you in two weeks, your session cost will be refunded to you!

Delivery Day

We have an awesome delivery system for our clients. It has a step-by-step tutorial when you first login on how to navigate the website! There’s also customized options for album purchasing, prints and more! There are so many options for you on delivery day. The gallery delivery system is stunning. It’s clean and organized. There is an option to highlight your favorite photos and have them featured at the top of your gallery. You can completely customize an album on your own to have as a keepsake OR to gift to a friend or family member. Delivery day is so much fun because it’s like receiving a gift!

On Going VIP Treatment

The package doesn’t end after delivery day! We LOVE serving our clients well and we want our past clients to know that! Once your session is over, you’ll receive ongoing VIP treatment. You’ll be the first to know when we’re doing sales and we always open bookings up to our returning clients before opening up to the public! We love building relationships with our clients and we want to do that by continuing to serve you well even when you’re not in the first 5 steps of the Effortless Experience.


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