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A Walk Through Our Client Experience Guide | Photography Team

 A Walk Through Our Client Experience Guide | Family Photography Team

Hey friends! We have been serving SO many of our clients for a while now BUT we’ve recently taken on a ton of new clients and we wanted to take the opportunity to walk through our Client Experience Guide with you all! This document is sent to you during the booking process to help you decide on outfit choices among other things. We believe this guide will be helpful for you in the booking process! Here’s a walk through our Client Experience Guide!

A Walk Through Our Client Experience Guide | Family Photography Team

1. Intro Letter

We start off our guide with a little intro letter from the team. I talk a little bit about what our goal is for the Client Experience Guide, and what you can expect to find within the pages. Then we let clients know to reach out to me if they have any additional questions and we’d be happy to answer them! This section is short and sweet!

2. What to Expect

The next section is all about what to expect when you book with Wisp + Willow Photography Co. We go through what to expect before, during, AND after your session with us. This page of the guide is also short and sweet because we just go through a couple of things you need to know about our process!

3. Styling Tips

The main reason we send out the Client Experience Guide is because one of our most asked FAQ’s is “What should I wear for my session?” This section is 4 pages long because we give you tips on what to wear for everyone in the family! From mom to dad to the kids! Of course, if you have other questions, we’d love to answer those and you can always ask for help!

4. Location Guidance

Next is location. Our goal with this section is to help clients know what their associate photographer looks for on location while we’re shooting! We shoot with a warmer light and airy style so location absolutely matters! Always avoid darker areas, but if you ask for a specific shot, we’ll capture that for you. We always try to focus more on the sky in the background than on greenery or other things.

5. Getting Kids to Cooperate

This section is a HUGE part of family photography! We give our families practical tips to help them prepare their kids for our session. The more preparation they have beforehand, the more likely we are to get great smiles on the day-of. The families that use the tips we provide always see the benefit when we’re shooting!

6. A Final Note

To close out our Client Experience Guide, we leave my families with a final note from me letting them know how excited we are to serve them. We reassure them, encourage them, and love on them a bit. We also leave all of my social handles for them to follow me if they haven’t already.

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