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Tips for Preparing for Your Fall Mini Session

Tips for Preparing for Your Fall Mini Session | Mini Sessions Tips | Family Photography Team

We’ve been booking fall minis for almost a month now! Bookings are going SO quickly so we wanted to take this chance to give you some tips on how to prepare for your fall mini session! We are booking over 40 sets of fall minis this year! That gives us the opportunity to serve SO many families. We want all our clients to be prepared the best they can so there’s no stress in getting ready for their session! We’re thrilled to be sharing these Tips for Preparing for Your Fall Mini Session fall mini session tips with you!

Tips for Preparing for Your Fall Mini Session | Mini Sessions Tips | Family Photography Team


Picking out your outfits in advance is the BIGGEST tip I can give. That might be the hardest part about fall mini sessions. A lot of times, these minis are for your Christmas cards, to send to family or to hang in your home. With that being said, you want to LOVE your outfits. You don’t want to look at these images later on and wish you had chosen a different color shirt or different shoes. We do have a Client Experience Guide we send a few weeks after booking a client so that you can read more about the tips we have for each member of your family (yes, even for dads)! Our guide is so helpful when it comes to picking out your outfits for any season!


Sometimes kids have a hard time with smiling for photos. I know mine does! Practicing at home with your kids is key to getting those good genuine smiles! Sometimes saying different things other than “cheese” help get better smiles. For my daughter, I always say “show me your teeth” and she gives me a really great smile! When you practice at home, you can find what works best for your kids and share that with your photographer! A few weeks before when we send our Client Experience Guide, we also send our Client Questionnaire. That questionnaire is sent to your photographer so you can leave tips for getting your sweet kids to smile so we can help with that! Practicing helps you learn new ways to get those sweet genuine smiles!


When you book your mini session, consider what you’re using these images for. If you’re hanging them in your house, do some research on the location options we have available so you can find which would look best on your walls! Same goes for your prints and Christmas cards! Consider the time of day you book or the season because in some of the cities we serve, it’s still very hot outside in the beginning of fall. Booking a little later in the fall season might be better so you can have more Christmas-y outfits!

We are so excited to serve your family this year! If you want in on our minis before they’re open to the public, we can add you to our email list! Just fill out the comment card below and we’ll get you added!

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