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Dallas Lifestyle Newborn Session | Family Photography Team

Dallas Lifestyle Newborn Session | The Fernandez Family | Family Photography Team

I am so excited to share this lifestyle newborn session with you! Our associate, Bonnie, shot this session and she said this baby was PERFECT! She was fed, clothed and sleepy by the time Bonnie arrived. This session was smooth and the weather was perfect enough to get a couple shots outside too! This Dallas lifestyle newborn session was amazing!

Dallas Lifestyle Newborn Session | The Fernandez Family | Family Photography Team

The Fernandez family followed our style guide SO well! The were matching, but not all wearing the same color. Their navy, blue and grey clothing choices looked amazing with their home decor! When Bonnie arrived, baby girl was fed, mom and dad were dressed and ready and they even had a helper (grandma) who was in some of the photos as well! It’s always so helpful to have an extra set of hands when it comes to newborn photos!

This baby girl was ADORABLE! After you’ve had a baby and they grow up(though mine is only 2), you forget how tiny and precious newborn babies are. This little girl was nothing short of perfect! She was sleepy the whole time. I don’t think there was a second in the session where she was awake. That’s the best thing about a newborn session. Them being sleepy means they can be posed any way that’s safe and they’re still just happy and sleepy!

All the photos we got in the hour session we had were stunning. We stared out in babies nursery, moved to the parents bedroom, then the living room and finished in their back yard. This session was the perfect lifestyle newborn session and we’re SO thankful that we got to serve the Fernandez family!

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