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Location Spotlight | Adriatica Village | McKinney, TX

Location Spotlight | Adriatica Village | McKinney, TX

We shared a blog about our favorite DFW locations in January and you guys LOVED it! We decided we want to spotlight locations in each area! This way, if you have any questions about the location you chose or you’re thinking about choosing, we have this READY for you! I’m so excited to share this Adriatica Village location spotlight with you!

Location Spotlight | Adriatica Village | McKinney, TX

Adriatica Village is in McKinney, TX and if you couldn’t tell by all our blog posts, this is one of our all-time favorite locations. There are SO many stunning spots to shoot there! The entire village is paved with cobblestone. There are bridges and awnings to stand under that are stunning! There’s a big open field where you can stand in the shade of the bell tower in the evening and capture the stunning Bella Donna Chapel and the reservoir.They have a little dock over the water that also helps you capture the chapel. There’s a walkway around the water under the bridges that is stunning. Sometimes the bridges to the chapel are open as well!

I mean, just look at these photos. How BEAUTIFUL is this place?! We’d love for you to choose this location in McKinney, TX. It’s a location we know and love and we know you’ll love too!

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