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Location Spotlight | WRAL Azalea Garden | Family Photography Team

Location Spotlight | WRAL Azalea Garden | Raleigh, NC | Family Photography Team

We just recently added Raleigh, NC to our list of cities we serve. When we started booking for our associates out there, we had NO idea how much clients in the area would ask for the Azalea Garden. Once I saw images from a session there, I quickly understood why it was so popular. We’re so excited to share this location spotlight with you! 

Location Spotlight | WRAL Azalea Garden | Raleigh, NC | Family Photography Team

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL! The garden has over 60 varieties of azaleas PLUS so many other kinds of flowers sprinkled throughout too! There’s always beautiful greenery along the background as well. Whether it’s trees, bushes, grass or sprouts of cute flowers. The garden really comes alive in March and lives through the summer. It’s perfect for a spring or summer location! 

The garden isn’t super big but there is a TON of variety for photos! There’s a fountain right in the middle of the garden. An open field just to the right. There’s a streetlight with pavers and trails. There are benches throughout the park for you to sit on and of course, all the beautiful flowers! One of our associate’s, Jessie, says her personal favorite is the wooden bench that wraps around a tree and is surrounded by blooms. 

This location is the perfect spot for you if you LOVE florals, trees and bushes. The greenery here is STUNNING and we love this location so much! 

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