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FAQ's From Our Clients | Part 1 | Family Photography Team

FAQ’s From Our Clients | Part 1 | Family Photography Team

We get quite a few questions about our session packages, our processes and lots of other things! We thought we’d take the opportunity to answer some of those questions! We’ve been serving clients since March of 2021 and we’ve gotten quite a few of the same questions since we started, so we’re going to do a series of FAQ’s that we have gotten!

FAQ’s From Our Clients | Part 1 | Family Photography Team


YES! Pets are absolutely allowed at your photo session! We just ask that if your dog tends to be aggressive or wild around strangers, that you don’t bring them. All our associates LOVE seeing your sweet dogs! We know how special they are to family and we know how important it is to have them included in your photos! We actually have a separate blog about tips for bringing your dog to your session! Go check it out!


If you book a full session with us, you’ll be receiving a gallery of between 30 and 50 digital high resolution images (sometimes more because we just can’t keep it below 50). Your session will be between 30-60 minutes as needed and our turnaround time is about 2 weeks!

If you book a mini-session, you’ll likely have a session between 10 and 15 minutes with 5 digital high resolution images included. You’ll receive a gallery of 10-15 images about 2 weeks after your session. You can then choose your 5 images with the option to purchase more! All session packages come with a print release so you can print them where you’d like to! BUT we have incredible prices on prints when we deliver your gallery to you (most of the time, we have a sale running, JUST FOR YOU!).

Your special event will be a little bit different. Our event package is a 2 hour minimum so for 2 hours you’ll receive 100+ images. We’ll also add 50 (or more, because we can’t help ourselves) per hour!


In order to secure your date on our calendar, you have 1 week after booking to submit the retainer payment. Our retainer is non-refundable but if something happens, it can be transferred to a new session! It’s 50% of the session price and once you’ve paid that payment, your date is secured on our calendar and the rest of the process is started! Your final payment, which is the last 50%, will be due before your session date! Don’t worry, you’ll receive reminders for those payments so you don’t forget about them!

We have so many more FAQ’s to answer but we hope these first few questions were helpful for you!

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