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Meet the Associate | Christian Grant | Family Photography Team

Meet the Associate | Christian Grant | Family Photography Team

We are thrilled to be sharing Christian’s story with you today! She’s newer to our team and we’re still getting to know her but we can tell she’s a phenomenal photographer and mother. Her story is incredible and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did! Without giving anything else away, here’s Meet the Associate: Christian Grant!

Meet the Associate | Christian Grant | Family Photography Team

Christian Grant is an associate on our team from Chattanooga, Tennessee! If you’ve never been there, it’s a BEAUTIFUL little town in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains! There are so many beautiful places for photos! Christian is a mom of 4 (1 on Earth, 3 in Heaven). She’s been a photographer for just over 2 years!

Christian started photography just after her twin boys were born prematurely and passed away. She found joy by taking photos of her nieces and nephews. Her sister let her do newborn photos of her newest niece and she asked Christian to go with her to a studio for newborn photos with a professional photographer. Christian said yes and quickly learned that she could do everything that the photographer was doing! She started upgrading her equipment, charging for sessions and with each session, she grew more! In her words “Photography quite literally brought me back to life.”

Christian wants you to know that if she’s your photographer, she wants you to look and feel your best! She will do all she can to help you feel comfortable during your session with her and she cannot wait to serve you!

  1. […] the list of areas we serve back in January of 2022 and we have been working hard to book sessions! Christian is our associate in Chattanooga and she’s incredible! She’s so sweet and her story is amazing! […]

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