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Meet the Associate | Leah Fillmore | Family Photography Team

Meet the Associate | Leah Fillmore | Family Photography Team

This month’s meet the associate is all about our Richmond, VA associate Leah Fillmore! She’s the SWEETEST mom and wife and she’s an incredible stay at home mom. Leah loves her job and loves being able to stay home with her four kids all while serving clients. I can’t wait to share Leah’s Meet the Associate with you!

Meet the Associate | Leah Fillmore | Family Photography Team

Leah is a stay at home mom (YAY) of 4 precious kids! She’s a phenomenal wife and an amazing photographer. When we started Wisp + Willow Photography Co. in March of 2021, Leah was one of our first hires and she did so well with being flexible to all the things changing! I remember receiving her galleries and thinking “this girl is SO good at what she does”! From the settings on the camera to the poses she shot, I’m always so amazed at how beautiful her shots are!

Leah always thought photography would be a cool job but she never put more thought into it than that. She followed some photography educators on Instagram. After about a year she decided to take a step into learning the art of photography (without even owning a camera)! She purchased a camera from a friend and started practicing, taking more courses and practicing some more! Now that she took the time and didn’t give up, she’s LOVING the results she’s getting and SO ARE WE!

Shooting as an associate for Wisp + Willow Photography Co. has given her the opportunity to perfect her style! She wants you to know that as a mom of 4 kids, she will NOT judge you! A lot of parents are scared that their kids are going to make us judge them. She wants to you to know that she understands that kids are kids! She won’t judge you because kids are kids!

We are thrilled to have Leah on our team and we can’t wait to see all her incredible work in the year to come!

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