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Spring Couples Session | Savannah, GA | Wormsloe Historic Site

Spring Couples Session | Savannah, GA | Wormsloe Historic Site | Family Photography Team

We’ve had associates in Savannah, GA for almost a year now and we LOVE the area. We were so thrilled for this Spring Couples Session in Savannah GA.  Wormsloe Historic Site has been on our list of locations for a while now. This was the FIRST session we booked at the site and we were SO excited about it! This location is STUNNING and we are thrilled to be sharing this Spring Couples Session with you!

Spring Couples Session | Savannah, GA | Wormsloe Historic Site | Family Photography Team

Abby and Preston had not had pictures taken together since before their wedding. And very few pictures together at their wedding due to severe weather. They wanted to change that with a photo session! They also brought their two dogs, Mischka and Mambo. When we started the session we left the dogs in the car so they could stay cool in the AC. This was a great time to get Abby and Preston comfortable with the camera. When we got started, I was told how photogenic Preston was but Abby needed some encouragement. That was my cue to try to give poses and prompts. This got them more focused on their interactions than smiling for the camera.

By the end of the session, we were joking about how some of the moves I asked of them were silly. But they were smiling so big which made the photos 10x better! It was somewhat of a challenge shooting, both dogs at the same time because one would listen but the other would not. They wanted to sit in reverse or run and play. Mambo was hilarious because he was very food motivated and I was able to get Mischka in position and then used the food with Mambo to get the shot! He listened very well when the treat was on the line!

This Spring Couples Session in Savannah GA was absolutely stunning. We are IN LOVE with this location and we are so excited to be sharing these photos with you!

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