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Tips for Your Extended Family Session

Tips for Your Extended Family Session| Session Tips | Family Photography Team

We’ve had the opportunity to serve quite a few families in the last year and we’ve done a few extended family sessions. What is an extended family session? This is a session with more than just a single family involved. Sometimes that’s siblings and their families, grandparents, and more! These sessions are so much fun because a lot of times, this happens when the family gets together for the first time in a long time! They get to share sweet memories with each other and it’s so much fun to watch and capture! Here are some tips for your extended family session.

Tips for Your Extended Family Session| Session Tips | Family Photography Team


Color coordination is SO important when it comes to scheduling your extended family session! When you’re all standing next to one another, we want you to LOVE what your images look like! We want to make sure that none of the color choices you make clash and they flow together well with each other and with your session location as well! With that being said, I’d choose 2-3 complementary colors and send those out to the whole family. That way, you should have a mix of all those colors that complement each other and work well together!


When it comes to booking an extended family session, we want to make sure that ALL families involved get the images they’re looking for! We always try to do each individual family alone, all the families together, all the kids, etc. If there are any other special shots, we want you to have them! We send out a client questionnaire just after booking so you can fill out what you’re looking for! There’s a question in there about specific shots you’d want to get! As long as it’s listed there, we’ll get all the shots you’re looking for! We’ll communicate with you about all things for your session so it’s on you to let the whole family know the date, time, and location of the session as well as any other details!


When it comes to the day of the session, we just ask for patience! Getting everyone in position might take a little while. We want to make sure all of your lovely faces are seen and it might take a little time to do that. Bringing things to keep your kids happy while we’re doing all the different family shots will be helpful too! Snacks, water, toys, etc. All those things will be helpful for the day of your session!

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