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Lemon Drop Studios | McKinney TX

Location Spotlight | Lemon Drop Studios | McKinney, TX | Family Photography Team

We LOVE shooting at Lemon Drop Studios | McKinney TX! It’s a newer studio in McKinney, TX that has so many options for clients! There’s 2 sides of the studio, Side A and Side B. They also have a beautiful outdoor garden with a greenhouse! There are so many stunning locations at this beautiful studio and we’re so excited to be sharing this McKinney location spotlight with you!

Location Spotlight | Lemon Drop Studios | McKinney, TX | Family Photography Team


Side A at Lemon Drop has SO many fun things! First, there’s a bed which is perfect for lifestyle newborn sessions. It’s also cute for engagement sessions and other things as well. There’s a faux wall that’s black on one side and white on the other. The white side has greenery hanging from it. There’s a stunning egg chair that’s great in front of the wall with greenery. You can also choose the couch, rocking chair or a bassinet! The kitchen that would be SO cute for engagement or lifestyle photos and a sink you can use for milk/fruit baths for babies! There’s a table that’s great for posing newborns and LOTS of props for newborns, blankets for decoration and props for a first birthday session! 


Side B is the side of the studio that’s decorated seasonally. While during Christmas, Side A has a christmas tree, Side B will have a much more intricate set up and it’s stunning. Side B has seen such incredible set ups! There was a beautiful balloon arch and pink wall for Valentines day, there was a stunning set with florals, a boat and some other fun things, there’s a grand piano and chairs and a couch! There’s always an intricate set up for fall and christmas as well! It’s so much fun to see what the studio is going to look like for each season!


The garden is my FAVORITE part of the studio. There’s greenery along the walls, flowers all around the garden, a few different benches to sit on with different views of the garden, a swinging sofa with decorative pillows and a greenhouse! The greenhouse is decorated for seasons as well! It’s always got plants inside, there’s pumpkins in the fall, christmas decor in the winter and a sweet set up in the summer! This summer’s theme is ice cream shop!

Lemon Drop Studios | McKinney TX is a great addition to your full session package! If you book Side B, you have access to the garden as well! There are so many fun things you can do with the studio! We can add this on to your full session package or you can choose a mini session when we’ve booked the studio!

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