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3 Ways to Use Your Photos After Your Session | Family Photography Team

3 Ways to Use Your Photos After Your Session | Family Photography Team

We love the opportunity to capture special moments for your family! We don’t want those special moments to stop there! There are so many fun things you can do with your images once you receive them in your online gallery! We want to share some of those ideas with you so you can look back on the moments we captured forever and they don’t get lost in your email! Here are 3 ways to use your photos after your session! 

_ Ways to Use Your Photos After Your Session | Family Photography Team


The way we see clients use their images MOST after their session is on Social Media. Whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform, that’s where clients use their images the most. We love this! We love that you want to share your images with friends and family! They’re great for holiday posts, birthday posts or just because they’re cute posts! This is such a great way to use your photos after your session! 


Another way we LOVE to see images used is when they’re hanging in client’s houses or at their jobs! We love getting photos through text or email showing us that you loved your images so much that you want to hang them up in your house! You want to share them with your coworkers! That’s such a special way to remember the sweet moments you captured years later! When I look at the photos in my house, I always remember what we said to make our daughter laugh or the prompt the photographer gave us to help us bring out those genuine smiles. Making memories is what it’s all about and we’re always thrilled when you want to share them with others! 


The last way we’ve seen clients use their images is creating an heirloom photo album with them! We actually have that option on our gallery delivery site! You can purchase and design your own heirloom printed album to keep in your home and share! These are super special for maternity sessions, family portrait sessions, newborn sessions AND senior portrait sessions! The fun doesn’t stop there, they can be special for any occasion! Looking back at photo albums when your kids are grown, when your grandkids or over or when you just want to remember what life was like with a sweet newborn, or before you had an empty nest, an album is SUCH a great way to use your images after your session! 

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