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Location Spotlight | Centennial Park | Nashville, TN

Location Spotlight | Centennial Park | Nashville, TN | Family Photography Team

This month’s location spotlight is one that we adore! Centennial Park in Nashville, TN is a stunning photography location with a ton of opportunity to have incredible family photos! This was a super popular location in 2021 and we LOVE shooting here! I can’t wait to share this Nashville location spotlight with you!

Location Spotlight | Centennial Park | Nashville, TN | Family Photography Team

There are TONS of reasons why we love Centennial Park! First of all, we choose to meet our clients at the Parthenon and if you’ve never see it, its incredible. It’s got beige columns and walls with seating all around which is the PERFECT spot for a photography session. There are so many things you can do along the outside of the Parthenon! Right past it starts the park. There’s a body of water that’s stunning to take photos in front of in the evening time. There’s paths and trails that lead along the water and all through the park with stunning greenery and flowers. There’s a big open field that’s also gorgeous!

This location gives you a little bit of 2 worlds. You get the outdoor feel of the water, grassy areas and flowers and you ALSO get the structure fee because of the Parthenon. This gives you SO much variety in your gallery because of how diverse the location is! That’s why we love Centennial Park! It’s so diverse that you get a little bit of everything.

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