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Tips for Preparing for Your Mini Session | Family Photography Team

Tips for Preparing for Your Mini Session | Family Photography Team

We are shooting mini sessions year round this year! We know that the 10 minutes to 15 minutes we have together in a mini session is not a whole lot of time. That can be scary knowing that we have only a short time to get some incredible family photos, but we have some tips that we think will help you in preparing for your mini session!

Tips for Preparing for Your Mini Session | Family Photography Team


You will be sent a client questionnaire once you’ve paid your retainer and signed your contract! The questionnaire is SO helpful for the associate who is shooting your session, ESPECIALLY when it’s for a mini session. The questionnaire just asks questions about your family, what you’re looking for and any special requests you might have. One of the questions in there asks who is participating in the session and it’s important because it helps when you show up to your session and your associate knows your kids names. There’s something about calling a kid by their name that warms them up to the stranger they’re meeting!


Planning to arrive early is a CRUCIAL part of having a successful mini session. ANYTHING can happen on your car ride over to your location. Planning to arrive early is going to allow you time to relax and breath before your mini session! We know how crazy life can be with kids and giving yourself extra time to get to your location, find your photographer and make sure your kids are ready is such a big deal. It allows you to have a fun and memorable experience with your photographer and your family!


We always suggest you bring your kids favorite snack or candy to your session. Sometimes standing in one place and smiling is hard for a kid, even if it’s just a 10 minute session. We do our best to be consistent in posing clients so that we give tiny breaks for your kids! Giving them their favorite snack during their break is so helpful because for them, it’s a reward for doing what we’re asking of them!


We know that things get crazy and we only have a little bit of time together but we do our best to make our mini sessions fun! We always have fun prompts that produce genuine smiles and try to do a little something to make you laugh. The whole point of family photos is to capture memories and the best part about that is having fun during your session!

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