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Bluebonnet Mini Sessions Recap | Plano, TX | Family Photography Team

Bluebonnet Mini Sessions Recap | Plano, TX | Family Photography Team

Our bluebonnet minis were ROUGH this year! As you know, bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and these minis booked SO fast. We booked 6 sets of minis because of how POPULAR these are! When we booked, we had no idea the circumstances we’d have to shoot in. We had no idea how flexible we would have to be! Let me say, I’m so proud of our team on this because we had to make SO many changes in such a little amount of time. We made it work and our clients still received an excellent client experience because of our flexibility and ability to think on our feet! Here’s our bluebonnet mini sessions recap!

Bluebonnet Mini Sessions Recap | Plano, TX | Family Photography Team

First of all, let’s talk about this weather! Our first set of minis were on April 10th. We were under a WIND ADVISORY! We gave client’s the option to reschedule since we had a couple more weeks where bluebonnets would be in bloom. Most of them chose to do so. Not only were we under a wind advisory, our usual bluebonnet spot had BARELY bloomed. We had to scramble to find a new spot for these minis. Rafaela shot a couple bluebonnet minis on April 10th but most rescheduled.

We had 2 sets of bluebonnet minis on April 16th. Our usual spot had started to bloom but Tara got there early to claim a good spot and THEY MOWED IT DOWN! Thankfully we already had a plan B in place but we were scrambling to text all our clients and let them know we were at a new location! It was nearby our original location so everyone understood but it was a hassle for sure!

We had 2 sets of bluebonnet minis on April 23rd. Those were pretty decent. Other than trying to work around the wind blowing and PRAYING it wouldn’t start raining on us, they were just fine!

Our last set was on 4/24. This was our LAST chance for bluebonnet photos. The flowers were already dying off. OF COURSE there was a severe storm warning. We were watching the weather closely, but had to call the session because the chance of storms was too high to risk it.

We know these circumstances were all out of our control, but we want to thank our sweet clients for being flexible, understanding all the last minute changes and being so kind to us! Our team loved serving all of you and we can’t wait to serve you all again in the future!

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