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Hirschi Family Session | Adriatica Village | McKinney Family Photography

Hirschi Family Session | Adriatica Village | McKinney Family Photography

As you’ve probably seen, we LOVE mini sessions. It gives us an opportunity to serve lots a families at once. We also LOVE full sessions. It gives us an hour with a family and we get to know the families better (more than what their questionnaire says). We get to use lots of posing prompts, and among other things, we experience lots of memories with families. The Hirschi family was SO much fun, and as you’ll see, their photos were absolutely INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait to share this fun family session with you!

Hirschi Family Session | Adriatica Village | McKinney Family Photography

The Hirschi family was so much fun to capture. They chose Adriatica Village as their location and it did not disappoint. They all LOVED each other so much. You can tell in the photos below. They all had great attitudes coming into the session and that’s what makes this the most fun! It seems like everyone was ready and excited to spend time together and let a photographer capture sweet memories.

The four children were so close. As a mom, I hope that my daughter and future children can be as close as these kids were. It was so sweet watching them interact with one another. All the inside jokes, memories and fun times they shared in our short time together was amazing.

The Hirschi family just wanted some updated family photos and a photo to use for their holiday card, but I truly believe they had the opportunity to make memories and share some laughs during our session. I know we had a blast with them and we hope to be able to serve them again in the future!

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