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Indoor Christmas Minis | Studio House McKinney | Family Photography

Indoor Christmas Minis | Studio House McKinney | McKinney Family Photographer

We finished up our year with mini sessions at Studio House in McKinney. We’ve done 4 sets of minis at this location and it’s SO beautiful. It’s a quaint little house with a bedroom set up that’s perfect for Christmas PJ pictures. There’s also a living room with several other options for photos. There’s a couch surrounded by Christmas trees and presents, a tan couch and a blue velvet couch. This location had so many options for our clients so it was perfect to finish out the year! I’m excited to share our indoor Christmas minis with you!

Indoor Christmas Minis | Studio House McKinney | McKinney Family Photographer

These minis are so much fun. I (Bonnie) actually got to shoot all of them and I had a blast! Everyone in their Christmas PJ’s was so much fun to see. Our Client Experience Guide actually says to try and avoid matching more than 2 people so I had a couple families apologize to me for matching but I let them know it was TOTALLY fine. The matching PJ’s are probably my favorite part of Christmas minis!

Those who weren’t in PJ’s were dressed to IMPRESS. All the Christmas colors that matched so well with the stunning flocked trees and white shiplap were beautiful! There were lots of reds, greens, blues and whites along with a few other colors as well. It definitely gave me ideas for my family next year!

Shooting these minis are so much fun. These were all 10 minute minis so it was quick for each family but it they turned out incredible! Knowing that these are photos these families are using for Christmas cards, to share on social media or to print and put in their homes warms my heart. I’m so thankful we got to serve so many families at Studio House!

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