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Finch Park Mini Sessions | McKinney, TX | McKinney Family Photography

Finch Park Mini Sessions | McKinney, TX | McKinney Family Photography

This is our first year as a team. We’ve been working so hard to build our client base and we quickly learned that fall is the time to do that! EVERYONE want’s fall or Christmas photos for their Christmas cards! We totally LOVE minis because they give everyone a chance to do that. These Finch Park Mini Sessions were nothing short of amazing and we are excited to share them with you!

Finch Park Mini Sessions | McKinney, TX | McKinney Family Photography

We start adding fall minis to our schedule in the Spring so that we know what to expect. When we do that, we never know what events might be going on in different places. On the weekend we did our Finch Park Minis, it was Homecoming at a school nearby, and there were 2 different birthday parties at the park. It was crazy to try and navigate all of those things while have 10 minute sessions back to back but we did it and these photos are INCREDIBLE.

We’d never done minis at Finch Park so it was definitely up in the air if it would turn out well. Let me tell you, I’m SO amazed at how gorgeous this park was. One of the spots where we shot had an incredible tree with huge branches and the sun was perfect shining through. The other location was pretty much the same but the bridge was so pretty! Fall minis are so much fun and we had a blast with them!

We are so glad all these families trusted us with their fall photos. We are excited to share these and we can’t wait to serve them all again in the future.

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