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Dallas Family Portrait Session | The Adelson Family | Dallas, TX

Dallas Family Portrait Session | The Adelson Family | Dallas, TX

We had the pleasure of capturing the Adelson family earlier in 2021. They had a sweet baby boy in late 2020 and didn’t get the chance to do newborn photos because of COVID so they wanted to capture their family as a family of four. It was hard, but it was so worth it! This Dallas family portrait session was gorgeous!

Dallas Family Portrait Session | The Adelson Family | Dallas, TX

When the Adelson’s reached out, they were very clear that their older son was NOT great at photos. He was a very shy kid and in their last family session, he even went as far as not ever making eye contact with the camera OR photographer. He was NOT happy with taking photos.

He did the same thing with us at first. It took a little playing around and running around to get used to seeing the camera and a stranger. Let me tell you, the first images we took were hilarious! You could obviously see he was doing his best not to interact with the photographer or smile. Even mommy and daddies hugs and kisses didn’t help him! BUT baby got hungry so while mom fed him, dad played with the oldest and that helped him open up!

We got some of the best pictures of him playing around. It was adorable. He and dad played tag, peek-a-boo around the tree and I Spy. They also took turns checking on their sweet pup. This dog was SO good. He hung out by the bench for a majority of the session and didn’t make a peep. He just kept watch on the kids and made sure they were okay.

Ultimately, this session turned out so well! We know what it’s like to have kids who don’t cooperate for a session. That’s why we give up to an hour for a full session if it’s needed. It really helps to give younger kids snack breaks or play breaks to help them get out some of their energy!

Thanks, Adelson family, for allowing us to capture you four. We can’t wait to serve you again soon!

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